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Value for a Thriving Future

Our Value for a
  Thriving Future
. . .

What We Do . . .

At Thriving Supply Chain we work with SMEs, farmers, start-ups, consultants and NGOs to accelerate change. Our expertise includes responsible sourcing, livestock system transformation, stakeholder engagement, sustainable business strategies and sustainable business development. We work with our clients to assess, plan and implement changes that drive growth and have a positive impact on a thriving future.

Responsible Sourcing

Procurement With a Purpose

At Thriving Supply chain, we help you implement a responsible procurement policy that goes beyond traditional cost-based benchmarks or pure risk mitigation and takes a holistic approach that considers the company's impact on the planet and its role in regeneration.

At Thriving Supply Chain we work with you to transform livestock food systems through policies that prioritise animal welfare, environmental sustainability and stakeholder satisfaction. Our approach ensures food security while promoting healthier ecosystems.

Livestock Food Systems

Fostering Compassion

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborative Engagement

At Thriving Supply Chain, we work with you to create a stakeholder engagement plan by mapping the challenges of your industry and business, building constructive communication, actively listening and taking a long-term perspective on key stakeholder relationships. By fostering collaboration we create transparency and accountability for sustainable success and a thriving future.

We're keenly aware of the global challenges and unintended impacts that businesses have on the ecosystems and communities of our planet. At Thriving Supply Chain, we bridge the gap between these two worlds.

At Thriving Supply Chain, we advise companies on assessing, refining and strengthening their sustainability strategies. Our systemic approach includes reviewing materiality, assessing environmental, social and economic impacts, identifying opportunities for improvement and aligning with industry benchmarks, the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and corporate strategy. We also advise on the implementation of a robust ESG strategy to ensure accountability and transparency, and on the use of technology to ease complexity.

Sustainable Strategy

Connecting Strategy
to Sustainability

Business Development

Integrating Sustainability
& Business Development

At Thriving Supply Chain we support companies in aligning their development with a sustainability strategy. Our services include market trend analysis, customer segmentation and mapping, storytelling and leveraging sustainability commitments for growth.

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