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Empowering Change for a Thriving Future . . .

Join the Thriving Movement . . .

With more than a decade of experience in sustainable supply chains, we understand the challenges of today's economy and the unintended consequences of its activities.

We work with companies to adopt sustainable policies, commit to sustainability goals, pave the way towards them and be accountable and transparent on the journey to transform the negative impacts of their operations.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the role of technology and innovation in shaping a thriving future.


Thriving Supply Chain is proud to join the "Thriving Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society and the Economy".  

Join The "Thriving Movement" Podcast: 

Listen to insightful and inspiring conversations with visionary leaders at the forefront of the movement to regenerate nature, society and the economy.


Astrid Duque Founder of Thriving Supply Chain

Astrid Duque, Founding Executive Director: University of Westminster, MA Management.  Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Business Sustainability Management.

Collaboration for More Impact . . .

At Thriving Supply Chain, we strongly believe in the power of collective action. We work closely with like-minded colleagues, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government agencies and industry associations to promote meaningful change within supply chains. Together, we use our expertise, resources and shared passion to directly address sustainability challenges. Through these strategic partnerships, we amplify our impact and create a multiplier effect that goes far beyond our individual efforts.

We welcome new collaborations and partnerships that share our vision. Get in touch today to find out how our joint efforts can Empower Change for a Thriving Future.

In a world where every action has a global impact, we embrace the responsibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Through collaboration, innovation and technology, we forge sustainable solutions and pave the way to a thriving future.


Astrid Duque

Founder - The Thriving Supply Chain

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