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Astrid Duque . . .

Thriving Supply Chain Founder

Astrid, the founder and CEO of Thriving Supply Chain, has more than a decade of experience in food and feed production, with a particular focus on palm oil, coffee, bananas, flowers and soy.

In her most recent role at DAABON Group, a leading organic supplier in Latin America, Astrid spearheaded the establishment of the UK trading office and managed the business for almost four years. Her expertise includes sustainable sourcing policies, stakeholder engagement, sustainability strategies, integrating sustainability into business development and marketing, and a deep understanding of ESG principles.

Astrid's academic career includes a Master's degree in Management and Marketing and she is an alumni of the Cambridge CISL BSM programme.

Today, Astrid is putting her vision into action with Thriving Supply Chain, a company committed to positive change in the food and feed industry. With her unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible business practises, she continues her mission for a thriving future.

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