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Empowering Change for a Thriving Future . . .

It’s Time to Thrive . . .

Our mission is to contribute to the global race to restoration by facilitating supply chain transformations and empowering businesses to thrive. Our focus areas revolve around:


  1. Ecosystem degradation to restoration.

  2. Resource depletion to renewal.

  3. Disparity in communities to shared responsibility.

  4. Disease beings to revitalization.

  5. Disconnection from/by technologies to rewiring.

  6. Disruption of infrastructure to resilience.

Thriving Supply Chain is proud to join the "Thriving Movement", founded by Professor Wynne Visser, author of Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate.


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The Thriving Difference . . .

At Thriving Supply Chain, we work with international projects dedicated to transforming supply chains and paving the way for a thriving future through systems thinking. Our approach goes beyond traditional consulting; we actively work with companies to jointly develop and implement sustainable solutions. Our goal is to permanently improve the efficiency, sustainability and resilience of supply chains and bring about lasting positive change.

Our Value for a Thriving Future . . .

We partner with SMEs, farmers, startups, consultants, and NGOs to catalyze sustainable transformation. Our expertise spans Responsible Procurement, Livestock System Transformation, Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainable Business Strategy, and Sustainable Business Development. With a keen focus on sustainability, we collaborate with our clients to assess, plan, and implement changes that drive positive impact, aligning their businesses with a thriving future.

In the midst of finite planetary resources, we are on a mission to join the movement that is creating a thriving future - a legacy that will stand the test of time.

Astrid Duque 

Thriving Supply Chain Founder

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